My #2018makenine choices!


Back again – its feast or famine here, people! But I feel like I can’t let any of the planning posts slip into February lol.

Let’s look at my make nine choices for 2018. I decided to choose garments I was genuinely likely to sew – gaps in my wardrobe, really classic lines that sort of thing. That way I’m far more likely to ACTUALLY make nine. Rather than 5. Or you know, none.

Here goes! A statutory 3×3 grid instagram styleeeeee…

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 23.32.04.png

(1) Colette Patterns Aster Shirt/Blouse

A lovely classic button down shirt, but without the collar and stand (yeay!) , a neckline that I think will suit me more. With a big-ish bust I feel matronly in proper collars. I have a lovely bright cotton to try this out in for the first time.

(2) Seamwork Magazine Patsy Skirt

I fell in love with this skirt when it first came out mostly because I loved their use of an older, though still beautiful, model. I’m not sure if that is making me like the skirt more? We’ll see. I have a stretch cotton stripe lined up for this (I may regret the stretch) from Les Coupons Des St Pierres in Paris *sigh*

(3) NewLook 6217 Top

I’m on the hunt for the perfect simple well fitting woven tee pattern, preferably to use up 1m-ish scraps. I hope this is the one! I have 1m of navy crepe with abstract flower that I bought about a millennia ago when I didn’t know any better that just needs used already. This will be perfect!

(4) Jennifer Lauren Handmade Mayberry Dress

Ermahgerd just look at it it’s beautiful. And it has CUP SIZES! I’m in love. I have a beautiful viscose challis to go with it. I love viscose …

(5) Sew Over It London 1940’s Wrap Dress

In my real life I’m a canary girl just looking for the perfect dress to wear to the dance when my beau get back into town on leave. Still need the perfect red lippy though

(6) Colette Patterns Myrtle Dress

I’ve lusted after this dress since I first saw it like 3years ago. I hope it’s as good as I imagine. It could fill so many wardrobe gaps. I’d hate to be disappointed

(7) Sew Over It London Chloe Coat (Introduction to Sewing Coats Online Class)

I’m biting the bullet and tackling a BIG ITEM this year. I went for a coat as my jeans haven’t fallen apart. Yet. I may regret saying that but so there. I figured having my hand held with an online class might make the whole affair less horrendous. Fingers crossed!

(8) Megan Nielsen Flint Shorts

I have a mind to make mustard-check winter shorts to wear with tights and a woolly jumper. I could be mad….

(9) Grainline Studio Tamarack Jacket

Learning new skill number 2. Quilting, but on clothing yeay!

And there we are. Do you have any thoughts? Have you made any of these? If so any advice?

Till next time,

Siona x

2018 Sewing Plans

It may seem a little redundant to be talking about my sewing plans for the year at the end of January, but honestly it’s taken me all January to come up with a coherent idea in my head of where I want this year to take me.

I’ve been off work this week and had all these wonderful ideas of sewing for the ENTIRE week. Bliss. Until I thought about it and realised I had no idea what I really wanted, or more to the point, needed.

So I have sat in front of my computer all week and catalogued all my patterns and fabric in Trello, a free app that I read about on , the blog of @mamie_camdille, of Deer &Doe patterns. She has a blog series on how she uses it, and it set off a light bulb in my l’il brain, that I could then figure out best what if my stash works best with my patterns, both for efficient use of fabric, but appropriate fabric – pattern combination too.

Now this took be bloody ages. AGES. But it was the best thing I’ve done from a sewing planning point of view – I now have at the click of a button (on all of my iGadgets – other brands are available) all of my fabric and patterns, so plans can be made wherever I am, whatever I’m doing. If I’m on my phone I’m either stalking people on Instagram to see what they’ve made, stalking hashtags on instagram to give me ideas for what I can make, or perusing my stash and daydreaming about what to sew. I’m often asked if I’ve watched ‘such-and-such’ a program that has been on TV recently, or did I get up to anything nice on my week off, and find it hard to explain that no I was cataloguing my fabric stash, but yes I had a lovely time!

Now that is all said and done I have plans for what I want to sew  for the next 4-6months, and have already made 2 of my make 9 with another one cut out.

Things are looking good!

I’ll write another post on exactly how I use Trello, but in the meantime I’d recommend Mamie Camille’s blog series too, it’s ace.

Keep your eyes peels for my belated and mostly sewn January plans!

How do do you plan your sewing? Do you get sewing apathy like I do when you don’t have a clear plan? Or are you more of a see how you feel on the day kinda gal/guy? Let me know what you think!

See you soon

Siona x


2017 Interactive Sewing Hashtags Overview


HELLO! I’m back with an overview of the hashtags I took part in in 2017 – the good the bad and the indifferent. It’s a bit late I know… but hey!

Lets start with #2017makenine.

The brainchild of @rochelle_new on instagram, the aim was to encourage you to commit to making 9 pieces of clothing over the year. At least I interpreted it as clothing – I wonder if anyone chose anything else? What you chose was up to you – as well as your motivation. Had you been lusting over a ridiculous-have-nowhere-to-where-it-to-but-want-it-anyway bias cut silk floor length gown? Do it. Or did you need 9 t-shirts because you always spill your breakfast on them? Hey, I’m not here to judge…

In 2017 I managed five out of my chosen nine. I felt that wasn’t too bad as I’ve had a busy year with … life and what not.

Those items I didn’t get round to are still on my plans list they just lost priority in among ALL THE FABRIC

Moving swiftly onto the second project I got involved in, #sewmystyle –


This was a brilliant project originally run by Alex Bartholomew of Bluebird Fabrics in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who you can find at @alexbartholomew_ on instagram. Essentially the plan was to have sewists around the world sewing the same pattern each month, and sharing their photos on IG the last Sunday of the month. There were discounts and prizes and all round excellent japes. What I liked about this is just how international the participants were, and the build up to the big ‘end of the month reveal’. Although I may have missed (more than) a couple, because again, life.

I’ll be honest I don’t think I’ll take part this year. I loved the concept but quickly lost motivation sewing clothes that don’t fit my style just to join in. I had a particular ‘mare with the Cali Faye valley blouse, just impossible to fit my ‘decent’ bust when the yoke front / front bodice seam is meant to cross your full bust. Mmm mmm. Nope. So I’m going to watch from the sidelines and choose any patterns this year that suit me. This year it’s being run by the fab Jess from @jessicalorraine01, check her out, and her blog/vlog on how #sewmystyle is changing this year, well worth a look.

Lastly I also took part in #wardrobebuilder:


Now this one was hosted by the lovely @petitepassions (again IG) and the idea was almost a halfway house between the other two: you sew the same type of garment as the rest of the sewing community each month, a skirt, a top, a dress etc.., but you had the choice of which pattern to use. Best of both worlds. The categories were chosen each month as items you’d most likely need in your wardrobe, to help build your handmade collection.

I reckon I did not bad at 9 out of 12. I’m terrified of trouser so no surprise there! I’m working my way up to them I promise!

So all in all I found these community projects and challenges really positive in a number of ways. Firstly the community spirit they invoke is inspiring. I’ve ‘met’ so many lovely people, and been encouraged wonderfully. Also the variety of results people produce doing the same project fills me with ideas and inspiration – and a plans list the length of my arm! I think I’ve learned the benefits of choosing projects that suit me, and being a bit more selective will give me more time to broaden my skills.

Coming in the next post I’ll discuss how I plan to take things forward in 2018, hope you’ll join me!

Take care

Siona x